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One-click event

  • Clubs

    Simplify the creation of events exactly according to your wishes at one place with a wide selection of services and artists.

  • artists

    Improve your reputation and increase the number of events, where you will play your outstanding set.

  • Ordinary users

    Receive the latest information about events from your place and news from the world of music.


Simple and clear system for creation of events

  • range of services, artists and their booking
  • informations from social networks at one place
  • advertising and promotional activities
  • your personal event calendar
  • basic advicing in dealing with events
  • trainings / teambuildings
  • information about events
  • news from the world of music
  • helpdesk

DJ-ing, as a form of artistic expression, is an essential building block in creating supertemporal DJAY system. Art is accompanying us on every our step in different forms, but mostly we do not actually notice. Just an increasing lack of arts in musical sphere inspired us to make sure that we have begun to address the issue of enhancing the level and quality of both DJs, musicians and artist, or even clubs, different places and locations, where musical events are held. The team is of course closely linked to the question of increasing the level and quality of technical support and service offerings.

DJAY is simple, easy and automated system to produce events of any kind. For the system to cover all of your requirements, we create and develop it in collaboration with experts, and we are applying years of experience in the organization of events. In its work we chose a visionary approach and we try to think of all the details for you.

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