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Progressive house / Electro / House
  • About me: Dj & Producer House Smileez from Slovakia also know as David Weaver. As a 15 years old, he stared with djing in small clubs in Bratislava and also as many beggining djs in private parties in villages. After few years, when he was 17 years old, he became more interested in production, he started to improve his production very fast. His production didn't stay unnoticed for long, in 2012 one of the best producers in slovakia, Milan Lieskovský, became interested in his production. Later in that year they released together his first successful track called Move On. His production, mostly Electro House and Progressive House, improved so much that it was broadcasted by leading Slovak radios, such as Fun Radio,Europa 2 or Radio Beta. His track In.Fected even became the #1 in radio beta's Dj Top 10 chart, where it remained for quite awhile. Today you can see him at various events all around Slovakia.