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Deep House / Tech House / Techno / House
  • About me: DJ and Producer,
    I has fallen in love with the electronic music and its variuos styles around 1998.

    The PG artist name has evolved from my civil name initials at the beginning.

    In 2004 I started my DJ carrier in the Griff Dance Club (Nagykapos, SK) when it had just opened its doors.

    In 2008 I bought my own equipment and I began to create my own mix albums.
    I founded the Adry & P.G. a.k.a. Soundexpress formation with my friend, which is still actively working.

    On 2nd Jun 2011 the LAD Publishing & Records Portuguese publisher released our first two own songs.

    In 2012 we played on the SunDance Open Air and Beefree electronic music festivals, which are the biggest and most famous electronic music festivals in Slovakia. In the same time we debuted in Hungary in the club Hell Gergelyugornya.

    In 2012 and 2013 I played in Czech Republic several times, mainly in the capital city Prague, and in the summer of 2013 I also played on the first Holi Open Air festival in Prague (festival of colours).

    With the cooperation of colleagues at home we started the We Love Underground party series at the Griff Dance Club, which has now become the best party club in the region. The series aim is to show people different music styles besides the everyday radio hits.
    My plans among others are creating my own songs and mix albums and to get more people into the music in 'PG' form.

    If you want to feel the 'PG' feeling, follow my page to be informed about my monthly mixes, my gig events and actual news related to me.

    DJs who I play with in line-up:
    Szatmáry (HU), Sterbinszky (HU), TóthPeti (HU), Budai (HU), Lauer (HU), Pt.Junior (HU), Bozóky és Lipózcy (HU), Bárány Attila (HU), Hamvai P.G.(HU), Julien (HU), Stereo Palma (HU), Flamemakers (HU), Deniz Koyu (DE), Artento Divini (NL), Kaisersoze (CZ), Revolution (HU), Chris Lawyer (HU), DJ Toky (SK), Milan Lieskovský (SK), DJ Orbith (CZ), Tommy Rogers (CZ), Michael B (CZ), Tomcraft(DE), Lucca(CZ),

    Styles: Deep-House, Soulful-House, House, Deep-Techno, Tech-house, Techno, and all this mixed :)

    Griff Dance Club (SK, Veľké Kapušany)
    Lux Bar Oborin (SK, Oborin)
    Atelier club (CZ, Prague)
    Smart club Styx (CZ, Prague)
    Bar Peklo (CZ, Benešov u Prahy)
    Hell Gergelyugornya (HU)
    Beefree2012, 2014 (SK)
    SunDance OpenAir 2012 (SK)
    Copusfest2011, 2012, 2013,2014 (SK, Veľké Kapušany)
    Benefit concert 2013 (CZ, Týnec nad Sázavou)
    Pekelnej Bar (CZ, Prague)
    Staré Lázne (Air Action Festival; CZ Kolín)
    Holi Open Air 2013 (Festival of colours, Prague)
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